We live in a generation where expectations and comparisons are very high. We seem to compete with ourselves for virtually everything and some quite frankly do not make sense.

Chatting with Crystal Light, a young CEO of a Fashion house- HC Vestimenta– for some minutes ranging from his personal concerns to his business brought one thought to my mind: if I had started pursing what I had passion for when I was his age, where would I have been now?

Sounded like you right? This young man was in his early twenties and already an employer of labour and here I was, still in my journey. While I was inspired by him, I also chastised myself and vowed to do more.

“How old are you?” Mehn, late twenties I responded to the voice in my head. “How far have you gone with your many dreams it questioned coldly” Ermm, still starting out I guess as I almost gave depression the wheels.

Then I said to myself, life is about me and not measured by another man’s achievements.

How many of us have given up because we felt we were too old to begin and probably feel we have wasted time and youth? Where the younger generation seems a constant reminder of the failures of yester years.

Forgive and free yourself from your past. Start today and decide to pursue your dreams with renewed vigor. Guess what? Your experience would prevent you from making mistakes you probably would have done in the past; leverage on that.

History is replete with men and women who pursued their dreams late in their lives and yet made impact. Do you know Colonel Harland David Sanders? He founded popular KFC franchise at the age of 65 after been a job-hopper most of his life. At various points, he was a farmer, a steamboat pilot, an insurance agent, and even a railroad fireman. There was just one problem: He kept getting fired and then decided to pursue his dream.

Forget your age and birth your dreams.

You are making progress!

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8 thoughts on “Your age is a blessing to your dream not a curse

  1. Nice write up,it is always good to follow someone passion and never see age as a barrier...


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