When this year approached, we had lots of new year resolutions and plans, things we will do and effect the needed changes in our lives. Nine months gone now and the question is, “where are you with them today?”

Months have gone by and we barely recall some of what we promised to do and become. Goals we set, dreams we had, excitements all seemed to have all but faded away. This is fast becoming a cycle for many people, maybe you have experienced same yourself, or you are among the few who have successful trained their minds to achieve set goals.

Many seem to have been beaten by life’s experiences, whipped by policies, economic turbulence and conceded defeat. Are you swimming with the tide, accepting status quo and throwing the towel on your life like that?

I know you had lofty dreams, promised and declared 2016 to be game time but are you really playing the right “game” with your life?

Take a moment and really think about it.

It is not about brief excitements at the start of the year but it is about maintaining the right momentum and following through preordained plans.

I know life can be demanding, kids, school and work saps your time. But you have to be deliberate enough to make your life your responsibility.
There will be no time that is best to do what you want; there will be no free time. Many of us keep wishing for when there is less tension or work load in the office; or when the kids grow up. No! The time is now, so you have to create schedules and start using reminders. It may be hard but it is definitely worth it.

Peter Kajovo - 2016

Any free time is a sacrifice, an opportunity cost.

Go back the drawing board, be deliberate and take a look at the things you want to do or achieve. Write your plans and goals down, breaking it into small actionable steps.

Know that any plan or dream that you cannot write down, you cannot achieve.

Network with passionate people. This is important as iron sharpens iron. If you stay with folks that have settled and accepted defeat, chanced are, you won’t strive for more. Excuse those that are not pursuing their dreams from your circle. Keep your circle strong, hungry and active.

Ask for help when needed and pursue your desires passionately. It is three months to the end of the year, make it count for you!

To your greatness,

Peter Kajovo

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