wake up

Most people won’t make the needed changes in their lives until there is the fear of death after visiting the doctor. Tell a man he has 4 weeks to live and watch his life change like he never thought possible. Unnecessary strive and burden will be discarded and focus will be on value.


What would you do about your life, career and relationship if you know how long you have left to live? I suspect some major changes. Guess what, we don’t know how long we have to live!


Let the joy of living guide and inspire you.


Make everyday count.



Peter Kajovo


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3 thoughts on “Wake up

  1. I actually love clowning when everybody think I have 'The Boss' kinda look so would most likely be stuck up and boring. So living your life isn't and will never be about money (unrelated matter hahahaha) but make loads of it because I will do it laughing. Thanks Peter. Short but you nailed it.

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