‚ÄčThere are times in our lives when we might feel that we are not well appreciated and valued, maybe by our colleagues, bosses, neighbours, friends, family members, kids, spouses and those we are involved in a relationship with. 

Being valued is a food that feeds a yearning from deep within. We are a being of pride and ego, and we lavish love on those that hold us in high esteem. Well, unless those we don’t like.

It is a natural inclination for us to expect those in our space to treat us the way we desire; with respect, love and care. And when these does not flow our way, as we desire, we recognise that something is not right.

Take for instance, in a relationship or friendship, we expect others to care about us. We become frustrated and complain when it is otherwise

“I call him or her, I ask about his or her welfare, I follow up on their jobs, projects, lives and yet they don’t seem to care that much for me. What am I not doing right?”

“I care for many people and no one checks on me or finds out how I am doing”

We keep these pain bottled in us and unknowingly dim our light.

There are other times when you get mad at your bosses. You have done a lot at work and when you made a seemly small mistake, all breaks loose on you and it seem all your previous inputs have all been forgotten. 

It is painful but it calls for a different attitude.

Make a change and appreciate yourself by yourself, regardless of what others say or do. You grow your mind big enough and know that you don’t need others to make you feel good about yourself.

You may need to understand that people sometimes have different ways of expressing their love which may be different from our narrative. And it is true that those that expressed love to you in certain ways can change, maybe of no fault of yours, it might be the pressures of life and her distractions.

So, you don’t stop caring for others because they seem not to care much for you. No, grow bigger, love and care regardless, most importantly, love yourself lavishly. 

You have a bigger spirit, a love spirit.


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