Life is a journey and as we go along different phases in our lives, we tend to need those we love or admire to cheer us on, believe in our dreams. Listening to someone dear saying, “You are doing great. See how much you’ve progressed” can make a huge difference. Love is a powerful tool that can push us and power us onward. Indeed, we seek these validations as we journey through life. All of us, one way or the other have done this.

We sometimes seek validation and support from those we love or hold in high esteem, to pull through what we need to do. And when someone who said “you can count on me, I will support you” doesn’t come through with their promises; we are broken, we feel disappointed and tend to pack our bags and abandon projects.


It may be painful but you need to grow bigger.

Other times, it can be an authority figure who shuts you out or belittles your plans or dreams and all you see then on is the worthlessness of what you are doing. It can be hard. That said, you need to know when it is constructive criticism of your idea, and not just words to shoot you down. So a balance is needed.

While it is natural to seek for support, and for others to see the good and believe in our dreams, we need to be wise to know when not to cross the line to self destruct.

Your dreams were given to you alone, and not your friend or family or spouse or coach. So, when someone you hold dearly doesn’t come through or support you as much as you want, don’t feel too pained and give up.

Man has a way of allowing his emotions cloud his better judgement. Understand that we are all pursuing our goals and stop to help those we love along the way, so if someone is not giving you the attention you think you deserve, most likely someone you hold dearly; don’t take it personal.

The most important person you need to hit your goal is the man or woman in the mirror, and when you make a commitment to be successful to that man or woman that you see, everything we begin to take shape.

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Success really does not need you to look outside but for you to look inside.


8 thoughts on “Support and Validation; your life depends on it

  1. Thank you Peter Kajovo for this inspiring piece, it came the right time sir. I've always believed in motivation and encouragement from friends and family. I am presently working on 2 major projects, one of which I can face with all self-motivation, but I notice the second require external form of encouragement. But now, I need not to expect so much from the externals. I'll appreciate when any comes, especially from a loved one, and keep going on when none shows up.

    Thank you sir!

  2. Thanks PK, quite timely sir. A good piece & insight to start the day with & also finish the year. Up for the challenge, new phase, new approach...

    Thanks a lot


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