I will risk it all!!!! I screamed from within me with tear filled eyes.

I will… I will… Yes I will!

It is a beautiful Thursday morning and I just got to the office. Standing on the balcony, six floors above ground level, I stood and admired the city. Lagos, a city that can build or break you.

I admired the beautiful cars as they drove by, buildings being constructed close by and from afar.


I stood and felt the gentle wind touch my smooth black skin. Time slowed to a pause and everything went silent.

Like a movie before my eyes, my dreams began to unfold. I saw all I could become if I had the courage to follow through. Oh, what splendor and grandeur.

Truly, from time to time, we need to set out time and just look. Look away from the pressing needs or circumstances and into a possible future.

You can help your mind by going to places that will inspire you and see. Go to nature, feel the rocks and soil, connect to mother earth. Go to places of the rich and envision your wealth. Go to places of those in need and be grateful for your journey.

beach walk- PETER KAJOVO

It is good day to see!

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4 thoughts on “Risk it all

  1. Very true! Often times we get carried away by our immediate goals or tasks dat we don't notice d beautiful things on our paths that refresh and inspire or may even contain the ideas or solutions we seek. Someone once told me that God can talk to us through anything and this article has just reminded me to stop and look more often. I WILL RISK IT! Thank you Peter. Kip up the amazing work.


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