I sat crossed leg behind the driver, with a blank page on my phone like an artist ready to pour his expression on a canva.

“What has life got to teach me this morning?” I thought to myself, as I turned and looked out of the window.

Driving in Lagos is almost guaranteed to produce some action or make you question the sanity of road users. Either way, it is always an experience in the Centre of Excellence.

During this morning ride, I observed the long stretch of vehicles on one of Africa’s longest bridge – the Third Mainland Bridge – in Lagos, Nigeria.

All the vehicles seem headed in the same direction, but the occupants, vehicle capacities and models varies; which in turn will influence the final destination.

Then I thought, does this reflect how life is?

We all started the year all gunning for our goals but our qualities, capacities and what we do continually, separates us at the end of the day.

I looked at my own life and questioned how I fared.

I am a bit off in some of my goals: I have not hit my financial target, I am not married yet, I did not bond as much as I wanted with my dad neither did I have good family time. Yes, I did miss some marks.

In all these, I saw many blessings this year. I grew my mind, my visibility and influence.


I started projects (charity causes included) and touched lives with it, pushed my talent and skills to new heights, formed formidable friendships as I lost some, loved deeply and was showered same. I had new clients and people believed and paid for the value I gave! I head towards the finish line with nothing but gratitude for a year that shaped my life remarkably.

Yes, I got on radio, TV and blogs.. my market sell wella!

What made it so impactful was the fact that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and risked being seen in all of my glory!

I risked showing the world some of my shortcomings, I risked been judged by many eyes, I risked people questioning my points and questioning my authority. I risked combining so many things I do and losing sleep and fun time. I risked leading by example with the thought of not making a mistake that will affect those following me closely.


Training, study, exposure and personal development where key for me, don’t neglect these. Yes, I spent hundreds of thousands on my development. When you see the finished product realize there was a process!

With all these variables, I did show up in 2016 and my life never remained the same.

The question is, what are you willing to do differently this month? Will you risk being seen in all of your glory??

Let me know your thoughts..


Kindly share your thoughts