Earlier this evening, I had a sit out with two beautiful souls, whose wedding I am scheduled to host in 2 weeks time. Lovely they both are as we settled in a food outlet in the heart of mainland Lagos, Nigeria. As we sat to plan the wedding reception, I couldn’t help but notice the occasional smiles beaming from their faces giving away their excitement as their special day approaches.

Ten minutes into our discuss, terms like Holy Spirit, the Lord, pastor, church started flying around, I knew I was in for an interesting time. “This one na spiro wedding o,” I thought to myself. Suffice to say, after 2 hours with them, I became a better person literally.

Well, this story is not just about them but me. It is interesting to see how life turns situation from how we planned them. After engaging  them and following their love stories, the bride to be asked me, ‘Are you married? How did you meet your wife?’

Here we go again I thought to myself. “Not yet, smiling as I leaned towards the table”

“What’s the story she pressed on?”

We exchanged some thoughts and after 15 minutes we were all smiling from molar to molar like we won UEFA champions league. Indeed we won something better as we connected on a deeper level which left me awed at this power couple to be, yet clothed in such humility.

‘I am hungry’ I announced as I grabbed my wallet. We got to the counter and I ordered for wheat and efo riro soup with fried fish. I got my order in few minutes and as I turned to head to my seat, I saw 3 packs of moi moi (beans pudding) starring at me with suggestive eyes.

“Chai, I want moi-moi and plantain instead,” I thought to myself looking at the food I held.

Quickly a thought dropped in my mind: you have to be disciplined enough to value what you have and stop looking out for something or someone better at every opportunity.

I smiled, turned my fixed gaze on the moi moi and walked towards my seat feeling like a US Navy seal who just completed his mission.

I won that battle and took this with me with regards relationships and heart matters: don’t keep looking for someone better, instead be a better person and make your relationship better.

That is not to say you should not leave someone damaging you or your self esteem or life. Like the old song by Kenny Rogers, You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away and know when to run.

2016 will definitely be better as we make the right choices.

I conquered the moi moi!



Peter Kajovo


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8 thoughts on “My moi moi experience

  1. Insightful! This is something I'm consciously working on for myself. Not only in heart matters, but all relationships, decisions. Recognizing that I have to make choices everyday; and actually owning my decisions.


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