Love is an intrinsic human nature and we tend to always look for ways to express and even receive it.

We all have different outlook on how love is or should be, illusion some may call it and we set out to fill this love void. 

The moment we find ‘the one’is usually the best times¬† of our lives. There is this glow from our spirits as we bask in the euphoria, such heavenly bliss it is.

Weeks turn into months and into years and the thrill seems to fade away.

While some attempt to rekindle the flame others prefer to seek new “adventure” neglecting the fact that the true love we seek is in the peace and quietness we find in the one we love.

It becomes so simple to be ignored yet very powerful.

Reach out in love today, light up the fire tonight.

Season’s greetings!

Peter Kajovo
Eventhost, Speaker, Author

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