Life as we know it even though it is personal, many end up living for others but themselves. The things we do and the choices we make are mostly built around what others will think of us. While there is a plus in this, it often inhibits passion and creativity in a sense.

How many times have you felt like doing something you wanted but passed? Take a moment and recall. What is it that seem to hold us? You might desire a new car but “afraid” to be seen as one who has made money. You might love someone your friends and family don’t approve off and don’t want to be seen as one who does not take counsel. Or have an idea which others call crazy and end up boxing it. We’ve all been there.

Most people go through life pretending to be happy, no no, it’s not worth it. Look for the beauty in life and enjoy it.

Today is yours, tomorrow is not promised you. So don’t bother so much about tomorrow and end up not living today.

Make today count!

Peter Kajovo

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