I have observed my lifestyle change remarkably this year, socials reduced and there was more push towards personal development and purposeful living. When you are becoming a higher version of yourself, certain things and relationships will of necessity take the back seat.

One thing I can’t deny, is the role training, materials and courses have been to my overall growth and development. Yes, I deliberately invested in my mind.

Let me give you a prime example, when I got home yesterday at about 6.30pm, I found myself immersed in some video materials for many hours that I ended up paying 50k for a course that night!

Wait oo.. it was not an easy decision as you think.

As I was about making the payment, my mind raced to so many things I needed to fix, friends whose requests for aid pending, stuffs I could purchase and non mattered but who I was becoming, sacrifices I was making.

I thought to myself, “it is either I know what I am doing or I have gone nuts”

Seeing my astronomical growth in the year, I could tie it to close to the half a million spent on personal development.


Yes, let it soak; about half a million, small to some and quite a sum to others.

The question is, what are you willing to invest in yourself? How much have you invested in yourself?

As we go into the new year, you may be saying to yourself, “2017 is game time”

It won’t be if you don’t invest in training and building the right relationships.

Look for a value deriving training and invest, put that money in there and not always looking for free this or that (which is not bad itself).

Look out for a training or program to immerse yourself in before the end of December, 2017 will thank you for it.

Put your money in the most important investment: YOU!

Note: The Online Personal and Business Brand Masterclass holds this Friday to Sunday, it is an opportunity to step up your game and connect deeply to your market.

Investment is 10,000 naira

Let me if you want to take advantage of this and change your life forever.

Your future is in your hands!!

Let me know what you think..


Kindly share your thoughts