There are times in our lives when we feel the need of others to approve our dreams and visions, we long to be accepted and not to be seen as strange. It is not worth it at the long run, GROW from it!

It is either you are accepted as you are or you walk away from the naysayers.

When you get to the point in your life where you don’t need people to make you feel good about yourself and your dreams, that is when true living begins!

Make no mistake, age or how far you have gone a route is not the deciding factor. You have today to make a change and that’s all that counts.

I am alive to my dreams and vision, are you? You need a lift!


Peter Kajovo

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3 thoughts on “Close your eyes

  1. I was just asking myself that question; if can't make me happy who will? If i don't love me enough who will, if i don't take me out, who will? Happiness and Joy is found inside of us not outside. The happiness we get outside of us is temporal!


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