I looked at my own life and questioned how I fared.

I am a bit off in some of my goals: I have not hit my financial target, I am not married yet, I did not bond as much as I wanted with my dad neither did I have good family time. Yes, I did miss some marks.

In all these, I saw many blessings this year. I grew my mind, my visibility and influence.

I risked showing the world some of my shortcomings, I risked been judged by many eyes, I risked people questioning my points and questioning my authority. I risked combining so many things I do and losing sleep and fun time. I risked leading by example with the thought of not making a mistake that will affect those following me closely.

We sometimes seek validation and support from those we love or hold in high esteem, to pull through what we need to do. And when someone who said “you can count on me, I will support you” doesn’t come through with their promises; we are broken, we feel disappointed and tend to pack our bags and abandon projects. How do we move past it?

I stole a glance to my left and there she was going through her phone, the brightness of her phone gave way to my picture on her screen. I looked again and saw she was going through my blog. Excited, I quickly grabbed my phone and captured the moment. She turned around when my camera flash fell on her and I smiled and stated my case before her majesty.