Life in itself is full of valuable lessons if only we listen, observe.

It was on Saturday after a wedding ceremony I hosted, I headed to host a church outreach program in Lekki. We parked on a sandy field where we had the program. A friend offered to drive off the sandy field after the meeting and that was where the problem came.

The car refused to move! He tried severally and engaged different gears to no avail as the car kept getting stuck in the sand.

Quickly I signalled 4 guys and they came and helped push the car across the lengthy field. By now I had my jacket and tie off with my sleeves folded.

After 30 minutes battle with the sand, we conquered and got to solid ground feeling like we made it. My friend left to get his car and I entered only to discover he had the emergency brakes on all this while!

All the stress, pushing, sweating all because he did not take off the emergency brakes.

How often, I thought, do we struggle with life all because we hold back on ourselves. We curse, stress out, call for help and yet don’t make much progress or drag through because of “brakes” like fear or holding on to the past.

What is it that holds you from making desired progress; fear, lack of knowledge or skill or confidence? Whatever it is, you have to let go to move forward!


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