For us to be very successful and live a fulfilled life, we must look beyond ourselves and our immediate needs. Most people tend to focus on receiving without realizing the blessing is on the giver.
When we have people come across our path, thoughts quickly go to what can we benefit from this person or relationship or action making us selfish with what God has blessed us with.
In reality, giving opens you up for life to channel more blessings through. It is giving vent to the love of God.
Make no mistake, giving is not all about money even though money is very key to it. You can give time, efforts, words and most importantly love.
If only we look beyond ourselves and be God’s outstretched arm to the person we see, the world will be a better place.
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Peter Kajovo
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2 thoughts on “Be giving conscious!

  1. I agree with you Mr Peter!
    Many do not realize the true meaning of the saying "It is in giving that we receive". It is mostly seen to mean that when we give, God will bless us for the good act, at some point in the future.

    While it is true that the Universe is so designed that every act brings about a corresponding consequence to the executor, there is something more profound that occurs in GIVING!
    We actually Receive WHEN we Give! And Receive WHAT we Give!
    When, for instance we give Love, we instantaneously feel Happy, Light, and Joyous!(in other words we Receive this love we give). When we give Forgiveness, we instantaneously Feel Freed from the Burden of the grudge or hurt ( We "Forgive" ourselves from the pain )
    In general, when we give either Material or intangible Good, we RECEIVE or feel an equivalent emotional, psychological, or spiritual ecstasy - inner satisfaction that we've created increased life for others.
    The same thing applies when we GIVE evil or bad. And, when we hold back the Good we CAN give (without harm to ourselves), we hold back the influx of this Sublime Satisfaction of fuller Life!
    Thanks for the inspired thoughts!
    Iron sharpeneth Iron!


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