Influential personality can make you attractive and being attractive can make you influential, yes, read it again. Attractiveness can equal influence.

Now, hold on before you run away with half baked bread. When I talk of being attractive, I do not speak of your physical attributes alone, that is the base level. I am actually addressing the quality of your personality, the depth of the work you produce and the soundness of your mind.

Attractiveness equals value which leads to influence. Simple.

The value you serve can draw people to your sphere of influence and when they come, your consistency ensures they are well fed and addicted to your products.

This is why you love watching videos from certain individuals, reading from some writers and listening to certain people. Their works have bonded with your spirit and you savor drinking from them.

The good thing about influence is, it can be developed and expanded. There are things you can do to increase it and have folks appreciating your works.

Recall I mentioned attractiveness is not just physical, yes, but looking good does help.

Peter Kajovo Influencial

Wear smiles as often as you can, frowning won’t do your brand any good. When you smile, you come across as approachable, warm and loving.

Dress neat and simple, don’t be unkempt.

People are dealing with issues already, don’t add to their concerns. Exude happiness and draw people to your world, be a release point for their pressures.

In other to wield great influence over men’s life, you have to invest in your personality so much that your works cannot be overlooked. No, not yours! You will be too attractive to be ignored.

Mark you, this investment can happen both in the online and offline space. Creating the right network and bond, learning, doing, becoming and creating value that touch lives.

I cannot over emphasize the role of networking, be it peer to peer or a mentor figure. In life, there are things you will learn formally, others will come by association; those you have in your space wield this influence. The good thing is, the choice of people depends on you!

Lastly, your WORDS.

They should bless, uplift, encourage, teach, strengthen, chastise with love, correct and instruct.

peter kajovo

Let your words be an elixir people readily long to drink.

With these, you can never go wrong.

Influence, impact and income will flow your way.

Tell me, what attracts you to the people you love their works? Can you mention one or two folks that you value their works?



  1. How can one smile when there is virtually no reason to smile. Apart from the gift of life, the challenges in this part of the world is so enormous that you wonder if it is not a mistake to be a Nigerian? Yet you are talking about wearing smile ...... what is there to smile about?

    1. Hello President, there is so much to weigh one's mind when you think of the challenges as a nation, from power to economic issues.

      We do have so much to contend with.

      That said, how you deal with things personally is critical. I know it's hard to smile when there is no money or the rent is due. It is difficult!

      When I say you smile, I am speaking about a knowing that the challenges will pass. You are rejoicing in that awareness.

      It is not easy but it births from the education of your mind and spirit.

      Sadness or being gloomy can never help. Smile is a reflection of your conquering spirit.

  2. That's true, life is really easy I believe in that right.

    Wearing a smile I've noticed or realized, broadens the mind,it doesn't make you cowered but rather taking a deep breath as it evaporated and your free and free indeed.

    In summary, dressing influences. It really speak and it depicts ones brand.


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