The power of thoughts is encapsulated in this verse of Scripture: Prov 23:7 “..as a man thinks in his heart, so is he..”

Thought according to Merriam-Webster can be defined as “an idea, plan, opinion, picture, etc., that is formed in your mind : something that you think of”

The power of thoughts from the human mind cannot be over emphasised. What happens to us and around us is usually a product of our thought and imaginations.

Good or bad, your life will go in the direction of your thoughts and words.

Les Brown, a world renowned speaker shared his experience. He said there was a time things were going so well with him that he thought to himself that life is not this good and something bad will happen. And sure enough, not long after, things changed for the worse.

Is Les the only one to have gone through this predicament? No! Most people go through life holding negative thoughts. It is like driving with the emergency brakes on, you won’t move far, pure struggle.

Don’t nurse or encourage thoughts of sickness, being unemployed or loosing your job or business, or being broke or dead. You will be shocked to know the number of people that have thoughts of them being sacked or involved in accidents or having one mishap or the other. You may have even had some negative thoughts yourself.

So how do we turn things around and ensure you use the power of your thoughts right?

Carry your “switch” with you. What do I mean by switch? Whenever you have any negative picture or thought, immediately change the thought and imagine what you’d prefer to happen. You might also need to use words to force the thought to change.

Secondly, practise “seeing” and have creating sessions. What you will do here is take time off your activities, be in a relaxed and quiet state and visualise what you want to happen. See yourself doing and having what you desire.

I have a friend that sees and calls himself Life and Success Coach, and you would hear him say and advertise himself as holding seminars for business magnates, though when you look at him physically you may be tempted to laugh him off. Yet, I am inspired greatly as this young man is creating his tomorrow using his mind and power of sight. I can bet few years from now, if he continues in such thought, he will conquer the world.

The mind is your one tool to live a successful life, use it to control your future.

What do you see?


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6 thoughts on “As you think

  1. Mr Kajovo, thank you so much for sharing. The power of thoughts, the importance can never be overemphasized.

    This brings to mind the account of creation on the Bible, how God by thoughts and imaginations, had the framework in his mind and spoke it into being before it all happened physically ( Genesis 1:1- 25).

    Then something sticking happened in vers 26. "And God said, Let us make Man in our image, after our likeness".... Meaning, we are like God. In other words, God put in us that creatve ability.

    Oh, what a wonderful tool God has deposited in us - the mind - in which all of these play! Having given us this, we have licence to prosper as much as we can see, but then a danger.

    Yes, a danger because, the mind is both constructive and distructive. Constructive, like you metion above, to the one who is able to use it well and destructive to the one who is not.

    Finally I take your advice, "Carry your switch with you" and encourage everyone to do same", because the world is full of activities that will naturally or unconsciously paint the wrong pictures in your mind thus the need for switch.
    God bless you.

    Israel Eka

  2. Great words fir the new year. I believe that we are a product of our thought pattern but what I don't understand is why negative things do happen to us even when our thoughts are so positive? Negative things do happen even when we did not think about them, hence heart attacks, heart breaks, depression etc.

    1. Thank you Regina for sharing your thoughts and happy new year! To a large extent I understand where you are coming from. The truth is most times even though we think the right thoughts, we allow seeds of doubts and fear crop up in our minds from time to time. This contaminates our faith and affect the results we get.

      Other times, "negative things" may not be negative in the long run but life redirecting our steps, telling you to change course or change the people in your world. So I'd encourage you to look for the good however small and magnify it in your situation.


  3. referring to the strangest secret an audio recording from Earl Nightngale " we become what we think about" if most of the time we think negative thoughts its more likely negative things to occur to us likewise for the positive thought, James Allen in his book "As a man Thinkesth" he compares the mind as the land which grows anything that is planted to so. it begins with planting productive thoughts in our minds to be able to get positive out of our selves.


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