Another 365 days have come and gone, phew, unbelievably fast time runs. Another birthday to celebrate.

Yet, this cycle was not filled with regret rather with joy for the many things I accomplished in so short a time, and the many more that lies ahead. Oh, my life is full of meaning, much more than ever before.


If I should give a theme for this last 365 days, it would be the year of clarity, personal development and networking.

I invested in my mind, pushed my body, made sacrifices and risked it all for the world to see me in all my glory.

Nothing else mattered to me and I moved up!


Today, I stand, observing the wind from the 6th floor of the building, feeling her stroke my skin lightly. Life seems beautiful. I know I have only just begun yet I looked at the future filled with possibilities, knowing this next 365 will be a great ride. Boy, I am excited!

I thank you for celebrating me, it is an honour.

My thought for you today is same thing that pushed me further my path of growth, it was succinctly put by Jim Carey: risked being seen in all of your glory.

As I punched the keys, concluding this piece, I recalled some of the humanitarian works I was graced to do in the year gone, lives that were touched. Tears flowed my eyes, indeed it has been a great 365.


A new page begins, greater exploits awaits.

Happy birthday to ME!!

Celebrate with me, leave your wishes below.


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