Hello, it is good to have you here, a rare privilege indeed.  I am an Event host, a Brand Story Strategist and a Content Creator.

Let us get introduced:

I was born into a family of 6 in the Delta region of Nigeria and as you well know, humour runs naturally and flows through our vein. I have a good sense of humour and pass messages to inspire you, teach and show you how to connect your personal brand or business with your target audience, moving it forward by growing profit through customer engagement.

With a Bsc in Biochemistry and an Msc in Environmental Management, I take education and self-development seriously and encourage you to do all you can to keep investing in your mind.

I am that “light skinned” dude with a peculiar smile although toothpaste companies are yet to sign me up for commercial. Good cars, good food and beautiful buildings are stuffs I go weak in the knees for. So if the Lord ministers to you to send the car or house gift, please listen and do! Ha ha

I also enjoy writing, reading, watching movies, football, listening to music and to look good.

Let’s get serious, shall we?

Over the years, I have seen people I am connected with – family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues – enjoy my rib cracking persona, yet get motivated at different phases of their lives. Pushed, shoved, encouraged even cajoled by them to reach out to more people and touch more lives, in 2013, I decided and took up the challenge; and here I am sharing with you. My passion for people led me to start a charity cause (ROTO Campaign) as reaching others is my life’s call.

I can help you use words, videos and pictures to tell your brand story in order to make you visible, get engagement from your audience and grow your profit.


I am Peter Kajovo; an Event host, a Content Creator and Brand Story Strategist.

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